Shwood Sunglasses Ashland: Zebrawood - Grey Polarized WOAZGP

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  • Ashland: Zebrawood - Grey Polarized /The Shwood Ashland is a beautifully handcrafted Aviator with a slender wooden frame. This unisex Aviator is an all-American product, named after a small town in the south of Oregon. The elegant wooden frame is equipped with stunning Zeiss lenses.
  • These Shwood sunglasses belong to the Shwood Ashland series. This model is designed for men and women. The frame is made of wood. The frame colour is brown. The lenses are made of plastic, and the lens colours are grey.
  • The lenses of these Shwood sunglasses are polarised. Polarised lenses offer effective protection against the harmful glare and dazzle of sunlight reflected by surfaces such as water, asphalt, snow, or glass. Polarised lenses strongly reduce eyestrain. These lenses guarantee true colour perception, and enhance contrast and depth perception.
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  • This sunglasses model comes with:
  • Authentic Shwood case
  • Authentic Shwood micro bag
  • Authentic Shwood miniature wooden sunglasses
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